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With the experiences acquired from the activities maintained by Mardin Family for three generations in maritime and yachting sectors, we proudly continue to keep providing added value for you.


HAŞİM mardın
shıpowner & yachtsman 

            He was born in 1911. He was interested in sailing since young ages. He studied in Ticaret-i Bahriye (Faculty of Maritime Studies with its modern name) Mechanics Department.


He carried out trade in his thirties and became a ship-owner at the age of 40. Mardin took the first place among the Turkish ship-owners with Haran dry cargo vessels and Raman tanker.


He took the first Turkish flagged cutter that had crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1952 with the cutter Rüyam that is American made with 25 m length and 42 m pole length.


In the following years in Sail Training International Tall Ships race Torbay-Lisbon race, it became the ship that passed the finish line in the first rank; however it took the third rank with handicap consideration.


He took place among the founders of İstanbul Sailing Club.


He passed away in his 54.  


ÖMER mardın
ocean goıng master pılot

           He was born in 1942 in Fenerbahçe. He attended Tall Ship races with his father in 1956. He graduated from YDO - Maritime Academy (İstanbul Technical University, Maritime Faculty with its modern name) in 1967.


He became a shipmaster in 1978. He carried out duty as a captain in various Turkish and international shipping companies until 1985.

Upon putting an end to ocean going, he carried out duty as a pilot for Botaş tanker terminal.

Between 1988 and 2007, he worked for Mardin Denizcilik Company, which they founded with his brother Ocean Going Marine Ship Engineer Yusuf Mardin, for carrying on activities in ship purchase, sales, brokerage and supply of spare parts of ships. He worked as the sea trail captain of 22 ships of STFA ship-building yard.

Afterwards, he carried out sea piloting in İstanbul and Çanakkale Straits (Bosporus and Dardanelles), piloting İzmit Gulf Dekaş pilotage until age 65, and then got retired.


Yusuf mardın

He was born in İstanbul in 1948. He graduated from YDO Mechanics department in 1969. Between 1969 and 1981, he carried out duty as engineer officer and chief engineer in Turkish and foreign flagged ships. Between 1981 and1988, he worked as a technical manager for various companies.

He founded Mardin Shipping Company in 1988 with his brother Ömer Mardin, and rendered services in the fields of supply of spare parts of ships, surveying, and ship purchase, sales and brokerage for 20 years until he got retired in age 60. He started yachting in 1977, being encouraged by Captain Kaya Demirsoy, and their master-apprenticeship lasted for many years. In 2006, 2010 and 2014, he participated in Sail Training International races as administrator on “STS Bodrum” ship. His yachting life continues and he lives in Bodrum.

2006, Torbay. Torbay Lisbon 50. Yıl  Tall ShipYarışı öncesi Prens Philip ile seremoni. "Prens Philip,50 sene evvel sen de yarıştamıydın diye espiri yapıyor Engin Mardin'e"

Engin mardın
Yacht Broker & Surveyor AssocIIMS 

He was born in İstanbul in 1983, and he met yachting in the elementary school years on a sloop of his uncle Yusuf Mardin. He maintained his passion carrying on activities in Optimist and Cadet classes at İstanbul Sailing Club. Participating in Sail Training International Tall Ship races in 2006 and 2010 with STS Bodrum Sailing Training Ship, Engin Mardin still carries on activities in Pirat class.  His higher education life, which started with being enrolled in the Department of Deck in Near East University in 2001, ended in 2007 with being graduated from the Economy Department of Bilgi University. Afterwards, following a path that is again parallel with his roots, he turned his direction towards maritime. He worked in ship surveys for three years as the class surveyor assistant of International Register of Shipping- IRS, which is represented by İstanbul Denizcilik ve Eksperlik (İstanbul Maritime and Expertise).

Since 2011, he continues rendering services in the fields of charter and brokerage under the name of Vento Yachting. He is graduated from Practical Yacht and Small Craft Surveying Course at Ipswich Fox's Boat Yard in 2018

Pictıre :Our introduction to Prince Philip before 50th anniversary of Torbay Lisbon Tall Ship race at Torbay,2006. Prince Philip jokes by asking “did you participate 50 years ago?”  to Engin Mardin.
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