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Solemar Oceanic 37 Review

Stern Drive Tech Figures:

LOA : 11.91 m

Max Beam : 4.14 m

Tube Dia : 0.84 m / total 7 compartments

Max People : 14 Persons

Total Sleep : 4 + 1

Total Diesel : 2 x 225 L

Total Fresh Water : 1 x 300 L

Black Water : 100 L

Cruising Speed : 20 kn

Top Speed : +38 kn

Fully designed and manufactured by Solemar R&D department, it distinguishes itself by its lines, design and cutting-edge technical contents. The 37 Oceanic was developed for the customer who loves yachts, who is eager to stand out from the crowd and is capable of appreciating the harmony of volumes and the comfort on board, which allow to spend even the most demanding cruises in total relax and safety. All spaces characterise the final appearance of this model: the deck offers versatile solutions to fully enjoy summer conditions, while below deck the layout was designed to offer great luminosity, both by getting new lighting points and using valuable materials with bright shades that provide volume to the interiors. From the stern platform, which can also be used as a sun deck, you access the large cockpit furnished with a ‘L’ shaped sofa. Moving forward, there is a living room created by the soft/hard top with removable side windows, provided with a dining area that is equipped with a complete kitchen and a relax area with an elegant chaise longue. At bow the cosy sun deck can be accessed in totally safe conditions through two wide gangways with handrail. Below deck, the standard version provides for a wide bow master’s cabin, with the double bed in the centre, and a second double bed cabin astern. At the centre of the boat there are a wide saloon with an ‘L’ shaped sofa that converts into a bed, the wardrobe area with foldaway TV and the toilette with separate shower cubicle.

In Solemar boats, neoprene tubes, located on the sides and consisting of 7 independent compartments, are not the main purpose of buoyancy. When all tubes are deflated, the boat floats on its own and can cruise. The main purposes of the tubes are: - Increasing the stability of the boat at high speeds, - While ensuring the safety of navigation in high waves and breezy weather, at the same time preventing the boat from getting spray on the deck - Preventing the boat from rubbing, hitting or mechanical damage in marina and other port maneuvers (environmental fender duty). As the boat speed increases, it reverses the sea water rising to the side and pushes it back to the sea, which causes the boat to rise a little, while reducing friction, thus contributing to fuel economy. The existing tubes of the boat are almost in the condition of the first day and there is no damage, which is already very difficult. Solemar gives 18 years for the tube life, which is 18 years since the first boat they built and no tube change has been made in any of their boats. This process will be 19 years next year.

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