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Engin Mardin  Yacht Surveyor - AffilIIMS

Affiliated Member International Institute of Marine Survey



At some point in the process of buying a boat you will need from an eligible professional to conduct a yacht surveyor for you, so what will be the scope of the survey, procedure, and pricing?


What is the scope of the survey you need to have, let’s find this together for either a boat you are interested to  buy or currently owning one;

Pre-Purchase Survey


Pre-Purchase survey is the most comprehensive survey type that the surveyor touches to the points from deck level rigging survey to the underwater parts, stern gear, engine inspection and many more points that are possible to conduct at the time of the survey.

Limited Survey


Or you may need to have a survey only for a limited part of the boat like for only underwater part survey.

Also, you may want to have an osmosis report which is conducted with the help of Sovereign Quantum moisture meter while your boat is already ashore that would be helpful if you want to sell your boat soon.



It is also prudent to have a second professional opinion to learn the fair sale value of the boat you are interested to buy.


Valuation certificate can be submitted as a part of a full Pre-Purchase report or can be submitted separately.



Assume that you do not have any suspicious points about the boat besides the underwater part of the boat (keel, stern ear, structure etc.) in this case you can choose to have a Limited Survey so the planning of the survey and pricing would be set accordingly.


We provide you with a written proforma that is priced according to the scope of the survey, length and age of the vessel.

Survey Contract

We set a survey contract which has been spoken and written so far before to conduct a survey.


First Opinion and Significant Findings

In case of a hidden defect or any significant finding arise during the survey then you will be informed at the end of the survey and before the submission of the report.


Report Submission

The complete survey report can be submitted in English and in Turkish within 4 days to one week.

Report Methodology

For all sections, the methodology we use in our reports consist of 4 parts;

1-Establishing the structure

2-Tests run

3-Test results


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